During your private, 1:1 relationship coaching, your time with Dr. K will devoted to achieving the relationship goals and relational healing each of you desires.

Each aspect of the formula is focused on ways to attain optimal mental health, self-improvement and ways to live the life you deserve.

What's Included

For relationship coaching, you and your partner will get 8 or 12 sessions of private 1:1 coaching sessions with Dr. K. With these packages, you will acquire  information and tools about how to manage emotions to have the life you want. Additionally, you will receive access to resources for couples to create the life you want to live together. Each of you will acquire  information and tools about how to manage emotions to have the life you want together. You will have access to exclusive content focused on couples just like you geared towards improving your ways of relating to each other,  developing a new foundation for your relationship and you will regain confidence in your relationship. 

There are payment plans available as well.

Ready to Start?

Life can be hard. But it does not have to be! Let’s be honest; you have not felt like yourself for some time now. Your relationships seem harder to maintain. The anxiety and depression are taking over and you are not sure what to do. When you work with me, you will not only get skills to and tools to get rid of the barriers you have to that are keeping you from the life you want, you will be transformed. You thinking will be transformed. Your relationships will be transformed. Your life will be transformed into the life you love and deserve. 

It doesn’t matter if you have experienced these individual/relational barriers for a long time or if they have just recently shown up on your radar. You can have the life you deserve. You can have your life transformed and create the inner peace you need to access the life you want. How? I have those tools and I am ready to help you learn those tools.


Make the decision you want to transform your life. Make the choice that you are willing to do what it takes to get there. Explore the resources included and review the program that Dr. K offers. Once you do that, take the next step. 


Assess the aspects of the formula that Dr. K uses to assist people with their stuck points and how they resonate with you. Then, review the offer and move to the next step.


Sign up for Dr. K’s program and start the process of creating the life you were meant to live! Through the program, you will learn how to decrease individual and relational stress, less anxiety, and decrease trauma responses.